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We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience.

We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Blerton HULAJ


Born in Deçan, Kosova. In 2011, graduated “Vëllezërit Frashëri” high school. After graduating high school, he became interested in medicine and its branches. Physiotherapy was a field which interested him the most so in 2011 he enrolled at the University of Pristina, Department of Physiotherapy. After 3 years of hard work he graduated and was awarded the Bachelor degree. In 2015 he started master studies in University of Pristina, he graduated and gained a MSc degree in 2019. Since 2021 he is a PhD candidate at the Ss. Cyril & Methodius University of Skopje, in the branch of Kinesiology.

Blerton is also a lecturer professor at the College “Alma Mater Europaea “Campus Rezonanca”

Specialty and Expertise:
Using Physiotherapy methods and techniques, Blerton can work and treat different conditions and problems. He can perform various treatments in Spinal problems, different exercises for injuries, problems of peripheral joints, traumatic and orthopedic problems as well as those with neurological problems.

In the framework of continuing professional education, Blerton has completed many professional trainings, among the most important is the training with over 100 hours of lectures from OMT training - London for osteopathy and chiropractic. Blerton is also certified for Dry Needling method. Therefore, the combination of experience and knowledge gained from university education, makes him able to successfully treat various musculoskeletal problems.

Apart from this he is also able to perform different kinds of massages such Deep tissue massage, trigger point massage and sport massage.

Blerton can speak Albanian, English and Croatian language.

Blerton’s personal message In order to live our lives fully, people have to be relieved from pain and injuries so Physiotherapy helps people to achieve this. I would be very pleased to help people to prevent different diseases and help them to treat injuries. Being part of “MyPhysio” makes me very happy because I know that I am part of a large, respected family of Physiotherapists in Pristina.

Marigona JAHA


Born in Gjakova, Kosova. In 2011 Marigona graduated as nursing assistant in Medical High School “Hysni Zajmi” in Gjakova. During middle school she noticed that she likes learning more about medical problems and things that are connected to health so ,in 2011 she began her studies at University of Prishtina in Physiotherapy and after 3 years of study she graduated and was awarded a Bachelor Degree. After graduation in 2015 she started working as a Physiotherapist in NATO KFOR Base “Film City” in Prishtina and she is currently working there

Specialty and Expertise
Marigona can work and treat different conditions and problems. She can perform various treatments such as Spinal problems, different exercises for injuries, problems of peripheral joints, traumatic and orthopedic problems as well. Marigona is particularly interested in advanced manual therapy chiropractic and acupuncture. Nowadays, she’s focused in the treatment of problems related to spine and neck. Since she graduated until now she has attended different professional trainings where she got certified with excellent results. Marigona is fluent in Albanian and English, and she can understand Italian and Spanish languages.

Marigona is approachable, friendly and positive so the atmosphere in “MyPhysio” is always warm, welcoming and fun. “ Making sure that everyone feels welcome and relaxed is our priority ,” she insists. She looks forward to sharing her experience of health care in working with patients to help them achieve their personal goals of health and wellness

“Health is our greatest resource and should never be taken for granted"



Dea was born in Suhareka, Kosova. In 2019, she graduated from “Jeta e Re” high school of sciences. Her interest was sparked in health and sports due to the fact that she engaged in the sport of karate for a long period of time, and that was what pushed her to choose physiotherapy as her degree. In 2019, she enrolled in the College of medical sciences “Alma Mater Europea Campus College Rezonanca”, in the department of Physiotherapy. Dea was awarded with her Bachelor degree (BSc) in Physiotherapy in 2023, and also received acknowledgment certificates from the college for her extraordinary success and achievements during studies. Also, in 2023, she was admitted in high rank in the University of Prishtina, where she is currently studying for her Master’s degree in Physiotherapy sciences.

Specialty and expertise: Dea has an impressive work ethic, and is constantly learning new approaches to treat various musculoskeletal problems. Her expertise ranges in sports injuries, shoulder, neck and back problems. She is certified in understanding the body language and fascia problems (FDM-Fascial Distortion Model). She is also certified in the treatment of shoulder joint pain (frozen shoulder and rotator cuff problems) and owing to her research for her Bachelor’s thesis she has a wide knowledge on the shoulder and its pathologies. As a sports enthusiast, she pursued a license as a personal fitness trainer, and implements her knowledge of exercise and physical activity to help with the treatment of all her patients.

Dea speaks Albanian and English fluently, and conversational German and Turkish. She stands by the idea that “physiotherapists make your life worth living”, and that’s why her lifetime goal is to promote health and help her patients reach their desired level of physical activity!